"Just one Bullet Left, written by Juanita Ingram, is a thoroughly, enjoyable, readable book, The story compels the reader to keep turning the pages. It's an easy reading book that you don't want to put down and never want it to end. The writer had made this historical western fiction book fun and interesting for all ages. I feel that this book belongs in the library and used as part of the school systems accelerated reading program."
Peggy Kaspar     
Iron Eagle Publications
"Dear Juanita,
       All of your wonderful books helped with getting me through a very low time in my life. Thank you very much."
                                                          Sincerely,                                              Norma White

Forest City Chamber of Commerce

      "We presently have copies of Juanita's book "Puckerbush Cannon" available for purchase at the Forest City Chamber of commerce and have sold a number of them. We had a copy included in the information that we packed away from our 2005 Sesquicentennial Celebration Archives for the Forest City area. What a wonderful addition to all the historical information we gathered for this celebration! "
Kathy Rollefson
Executive Director
Forest City Chamber of Commerce
Peninsular Christian Church 

  Having finished all 4 of your books in record time I though I'd pass on my thoughts to you.

  " In these troubled times the institutions of the family and "family values" have gone by the wayside.  That is why your books are such an inspiration to me and, I'm sure, to all those who read them.  First of all, the education I received regarding the settling of the "old west" circa 1900 and before was enlightening.  Then, blending in a mix of actual people and events with your fictional characters to "flesh out" the historical story is brilliant. 
   Even though life was in many ways much more difficult back then, your characters demonstrated those qualities of kindness, trust, humility, and generosity that we don't see too often today.  Plus, the stories themselves are wonderful.  I love how you've managed to weave your characters throughout all 4 books without seeming repetitious. The stories are exciting, informative, romantic, spiritual and tend to celebrate the "Godly" side of human nature. The "protectiveness" of Wade Parker towards his half/Apache Indian wife Dovey, the intelligence of her son Dakota, the determination of Dennis Duncan to find his twin sister Diana (abducted by an Indian Brave), the way decent folks banded together to travel and form new settlements,the patience of those "young people" to wait for marriage to settle in with each other. These are the qualities missing in modern life.  I can't wait for the 5th book and hope there are many more to come. Your books should be required reading in all grammar and middle schools in the country."

Thomas Castelli  
Computer Ministry Director
Peninsular Christian Church, Tampa, FL
West Hialeah Gardens Elementary School

     Juanita Ingram's JUST ONE BULLET LEFT is an historical fiction set in the Midwest in the 1890's. It is the story of a young girl named Jessie Howard, and the incredibly difficult challenges she and her family face as the result of her stepfather's bad habit. While gambling and in a drunken stupor, Philip Howard, sells his stepdaughter to Jud Wolden, the town bully, to cover his losses and to keep from losing the family farm. Wolden's intent was to marry the young girl. He even threatens to kill the whole family if Jessie doesn't go with him. Of course, Jessie's mother, May, would never allow this to happen. Without her husband's knowledge, she arranges for Jessie to escape and, thus begins and incredible journey full of suspense and action that makes it difficult to put this book down. 
Juanita Ingram's writing brings her characters to life. The reader can identify with the fear, sorrow and regret Philip Howard experiences for the horrible mistake he has made. May's determination to protect her daughter from such a terrible fate is described in such great detail as to make readers bond with her, as if she were a personal friend or family member. The anxiety Jessie has to deal with at every turn, not to mention the courage with which she handles herself is very real. The reader comes away believing that these and all of the other characters in this action packed story are anything but fictional personalities created in the mind of Juanita Ingram. 
To make her story even more realistic, Ms. Ingram peppers it with actual historical events and characters. Because of the U.S. law in 1898, forcing the Cherokee Nation to give up their government, the town of Nawata in the Indian Territory was divided, with two mayors and two sheriffs, a Federal Marshall names Goddell and a Cherokee Town Marshall named Johnson Fulsom. A gunfight between the opposing sheriffs resulted in the death of the Cherokee sheriff and his brother. Ms. Ingram places her fictional character, Jud Wolden, in the middle of the actual event, as he tries to track down Jessie. Another character learns of the Railroad Act of 1886, which gave Railroad companies the right to start laying tracks from Kansas througth the Indian Territory towards Texas. That same character meets and befriends William Halsted, the "Father of the American Surgery" from John Hopkins University, as he travels to a meeting of the American Surgical Association to present his work on radical mastectomy. 
I had the honor of hosting an event at my school where Ms. Ingram shared her experiences as a writer to a group of students, their parents and teachers. The audience was spellbound and moved by her presentation. She was warm and personable. We all fell in lover with her. 
In her writing and in her presentations, Ms. Ingram does an incredible job of bringing out the best qualities humans possess - goodness, faithfulness, and heroism. These are the qualities that all of us, young and old alike, need greater exposure to.

Roland Adames, Media Specialist, 
West Hialeah Gardens Elementary School
Hialeah Gardens, FL