Iron Eagle Publications features the family friendly historical western fiction book series by Juanita Holbrook Ingram.
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"Finding Dakota, a story of an odyssey involving a lost child, takes the reader on an adventure through the territory that would one day become Oklahoma. Episodic in nature, the tale reminds the reader of a John Jakes novel."
        Darrel D. Ray
 Professor of Education,Ret.
Oklahoma State University
"The book develops the characters quickly. The girl Jessie seems destined to have a life of adventure. This is an action packed story and at times you fear for the characters' lives. It holds your attention all through the book. The characters become vivid in your mind."
Major Walter L. Smith
USAF Retired
BS, MS in Education
"In Blue Mountain, Juanita Holbrook Ingram continues her series of historical western adventure novels for the whole family. The story takes readers from Tampa circa 1898, to the Indian territory of Oklahoma and back again." 
University of South Florida Magazine - Fall 2003
Approximately 15 books were purchased for supplemental reading materials for a middle school classroom. The teacher attempts to have a number of interesting books for kids to use for reading reports of materials outside the normal textbook reading assignments. Your book certainly have a Forest City flavor to it! 
Dwight Pierson, Superintendent
Forest City Community Schools
Iron Eagle Publications


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Book 1 - Just One Bullet Left

The story begins in rural Missouri1893.
Ten-year-old Jessie meets a boy her own age who becomes her best friend, the only real friend she has ever had. They both become engrossed in medicine, with Jessie wanting to be a nurse and Mike planning to follow in his uncle's footsteps to become a doctor. But Jessie's life proves to be much more difficult. When running away from a terrible fate, she finds herself all alone in the middle of the prairie in the Indian Territory of Oklahoma.
The reader soon finds that it takes a lot more than "Just One Bullet" to save Jessie. 
Book 2 - Finding Dakota

Young Army Sergeant Wade Parker is thrust into circumstances that will make him wrong no matter what decision he makes. he goes with his conscience, an act that bodes well for his later career as a U.S. Marshal in Oklahoma's Indian Territory.
The Indian girl, Little Dove, learns that while she is physically the weaker sex, she is not helpless and can get herself out of almost any difficult situation if she uses her head. 
The mixed-blood boy, Dakota, finds out at an early age that he is considered "different." When he runs from discrimination, his life is put in real danger. Their lives all cross and mingle during a demanding time of our Nation's history - from Arizona to Florida, and later to the rough-'n-tumble Indian Territory of Oklahoma. Together, they face overwhelming challenges as the principled marshal and confident Indian girl search for Dakota, and justice.

Book 3 - Blue Mountain

Two United States Marshals joined up in 1898 to catch outlaws who have been terrorizing the people of the Indian Territory. One is a seasoned veteran from the U.S. Cavalry who has been a marshal for twelve years, the other, in his early twenties, is just beginning his career. it falls to Wade Parker to teach the young and impulsive Clay Owen the ropes. 
The book continues with he story of Parker's Indian wife Little dove, whose white mother was captured by an Apache Indian and her son, Dakota, who is of mixed-blood. It tells the heart warming story of two white wolves that had migrated from the plains of Kansas only to be caught by traps set by man, leaving behind two pups that are raised by Dakota and his family. Blue Mountain is entertaining adventure reading for the whole family. 
Book 4 - Puckerbrush Cannon

United States Marshal Clay Owen, who is from the Indian Territory, travels to Mare Island in California to pick up a a cannon that was captured during the Spanish-American War and transports it by train to forest City, Iowa. Thirteen-year-old Dakota, who is of mixed-blood, accompanies him to inquire about his great-grandparents who had lived in Puckerbrush (now called Forest City.)
This book also follows the fictitious characters of Willard and Sally Duncan and their two children, twins, named Diana and Dennis. The family headed west in 1858 and settled in Forest City, Iowa for several years. After the twins seventeenth birthday in 1867, the Duncan family continued their journey west. 
While following the Butterfield Overland trail in Arizona, a young Apache Indian Brave captures Diana and takes her for his bride. 
It tells the heart warming story of a brother's search for his twin sister, who was captured by the Indians, and his dedication to her, postponing any life for himself.